Editorial Policy

THE NOUN Scholar: Journal of Arts and Humanities

THE NOUN Scholar Editorial Policy

The NOUN Scholar, Faculty of Arts Journal of Humanities, is an international peer-reviewed Journal of Faculty of Arts, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Jabi-Abuja. The NOUN Scholar sets out from the frontiers of humanities to publish well-researched, scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on topics and subject matters relating to religious motifs, Biblical Studies, Ethics, Systematic Theology, Church History, Islamic Theology, Philosophy and Sharia, Islamic Heritage, Quran and Hadith, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Ancestral worship, The Living Dead, Reincarnation, Witchcraft, Archaeology, Anthropology. It also encourages works in Fine Arts, Visual and Performing Arts such as Music and Theatre. Gender Studies, Linguistics, Culture, Humanistically oriented ‘Social Sciences’, Philology, Musicology, Art History, Literary Studies, Poetry, Ethnomethodology, Folk Culture, General/Applied Linguistics and Interface Areas: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics, Morphophonology, Morphosyntax; Glottochronology and Lexicography; Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication, Linguistics and Translation, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics; New Media and Society, Linguistics and Communication Studies/ ICT; Linguistics and Pedagogy – Mother Tongue Education; Topics in African Linguistics and their Interfaces and any other topic related to the field of Arts and Humanity Studies.

This is yet another edition of this journal. The journal intends to be the preferred podium for scholars and researchers to publish their most recent research findings to a broader audience, both in print and online.